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This book will change your auditioning forever! Hollywood's award-winning directors, busiest casting directors, leading showrunners and successful actors share their expertise on landing the job in the unique art of auditioning. Acting coach Mary McCusker's in-depth interviews with these industry experts give specific insider tips for actors to apply in the audition room. These Hollywood giants have been the creative forces behind many award-wining films and television shows.

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Director Interviews

Get insights from top directors who have directed feature films such as The Hobbit Trilogy, The Green Book and Charlie's Angels as well as television shows such as Emily in Paris, Black-ish and Malcom in the Middle

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Casting Director Interviews

Get insights from top casting directors who have casted feature films such as Groundhog Day Memoirs of a Geisha and Bad Boys for Life as well as television shows such as Brooklyn 99, Santa Clara Diet and The Dave Chapelle Show

Enhance Your Auditioning Skills

In this transformative new book written by Mary McCusker, you will get access to the minds of some of the top directors and casting directors. She dives into what directors and casting directors are looking for in the audition process. Watch an excerpt from two of the interviews below.

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About the Author


Mary McCusker is one of the most respected acting teachers for children, young adults and adults in the Los Angeles area. Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Mary studied acting, dance and musical theatre at the Boston Conservatory of Music. She lived in New York and studied method acting with the renowned teacher, Sanford Meisner in his two-year program at the Neighborhood Playhouse. After graduating she moved to San Francisco and joined the improvisation company, The Pitschel Players. The company moved to Los Angeles and she continued with the show for 2 years.

Her acting career includes Films: Insurgent, Incredible Shrinking Woman, Circle of Power, Blood Barrier, The Client, Turner and Hooch. TV: Ordeal of Patty Hearst, Choices of the Heart, Amateur Night, Missing Children and Memorial Day.

Theatre: Miss Firecracker Contest, Al Franken & Tom Davis Show, Art of Self Defense and Twenty- Four Hours.

In the 1990′s she switched careers with a film called THE CLIENT. Hired by Joel Schumacher, she coached the two young boys who had the lead roles in the film, focusing on Brad Renfro. She coached Brad on his next 3 films: THE CURE, TOM & HUCK and SLEEPERS.

A series of coaching jobs followed, OPERATION DUMBO DROP, FIRST DO NO HARM, and MAFIA. On the 1997 film, FOXFIRE, she was hired for the rehearsal period to work with the lead actresses. One of the actresses was Angelina Jolie, 19 years old, starring in her second film.

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